Jun 11 2017

World Pet Memorial Day | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Pets can change a person’s life forever. They bring an unconditional love, devotion, and warmth to our homes that is irreplaceable.  The loss of that source of love can be devastating.  Grief over the loss of a beloved companion animal can be just as painful and challenging to handle as grief over the loss of a human from our lives. Grieving is a process that takes time, and may continue to be painful for a while. We can honor both our own emotions and the bond we shared with a pet we have lost with some of these activities.

Plant Something

Nurturing new life is a wonderful way to recognize and remember the life of another.  Whether that’s planting a garden, a house plant, or even a bio-urn. Companies like Pet Perrennials sell kits that allow you to easily bury your pet’s ashes with seeds to grow flowers in your yard. This way, the pet’s memory is with you forever. Just be sure what you plant is safe for other pets.


Writing is a fantastic way to express our thoughts, feelings, memories, and hopes. Whether we journal about feelings, record memories, write a letter, or even writing a story or poem, the act of writing provides us with the chance to slow down, process our thoughts with intention, and express ourselves clearly. You could even make it a habit and take up a blog!


This more visual medium allows for a chance to go through photos of your pet over the years and organize memories.

Create a Memorial on Social Media

Take the writing and scrapbooking ideas to the digital world. This creates a memorial that others can interact with, share their memories, and offer support. Whether you post it on facebook, instagram, twitter, or all of the above, this memorial can be very helpful.

Wear Your Memorial

A memorial you can bring with you may be more appealing to some.  This can be a locket with a photo, a bracelet with your pet’s name, or even a tattoo of a paw print.

Make a Donation

Giving to a cause can be a way to honor the life of your pet while making an impact on another life.  Donating to Camden County Animal Shelter or Voorhees Animal Orphanage, Semper Fido, Joa’s Arc, or other organizations that help animals is a great way to remember your pet and make a difference.

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