Oct 22 2018

Why is Your Cat Meowing So Much? | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

There are both very chatty cats and quiet cats. Both are equally adorable and lovable. But, has your quiet kitty all the sudden becoming more talkative? Well there could be a number of reasons for this – including illness. Winslow Animal Hospital is here to give you some reasons why your cat might be meowing so much. 


If your furry friend is bored, she will let you know. Try rotating toys and make sure you take time out of the day to play with them. Or maybe even adopt a new kitty friend for them?


Sometimes a cat will start meowing at you more when there is something wrong. They are masters at hiding pain and illness, so any subtle changes, such as meowing more often, must be taken seriously. If you notice changes in behavior its best to contact your vet to have them check out. 


Your loving kitty could be feeling a little bit more loving recently. If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered they could be looking for a mate. This meowing tends to sound more like howling and can continue until their cycle is over. Talk to your veterinarian about spaying and neutering. 


Is your senior cat starting to bump into things or not responding to noises along with the extra meowing? It might be time to talk to the vet about age related blindness, deafness, or any other age induced illnesses. 


Cats are social creatures by nature and enjoy attention from their humans. They may want to simply be petted, played with or talked to. So if you give your cat some attention and they quiet down, you know that’s all they wanted. 

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