Nov 05 2014

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Herbal Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and alternative medicine practitioners may use either Western or Eastern (Chinese) herbs to help treat their patients.  Chinese Herbal Medicine has been administered to animals in China for more than 4,000 years.  Many clinical studies have indicated that Chinese Herbal Medicine is effective for treating a wide variety of medical conditions in dogs and cats.  The use of these herbal formulas can aid in the treatment of:

Endocrine (hormonal) conditions such as Cushing’s Disease, hypothyroidism, and diabetes

Seizure disorders such as epilepsy

Allergic skin disease

Urinary incontinence

Behavior issues/anxiety

Musculoskeletal conditions (painful, sore muscles)

Side effects of chemotherapy/cancer such as nausea/anorexia

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – chronic vomiting/diarrhea conditions

Intervertebral disc disease/neurologic conditions

Conditions that cause excess bleeding (tumors of the spleen, etc)

Immune mediated conditions such as IMHA and ITP


Dr. Hinze carefully places acupuncture needles in a senior dog.

Herbal formulas can be given long term, in some cases for the duration of the animal’s life.  Herbs can possibly be used as a sole therapy to treat different types of diseases and may be able to be combined with conventional medication.   In many cases, the dose of the conventional medication may be reduced with the addition of the herbal formula, leading to less side effects of medication long term.

TCVM can be a useful tool in relieving pain, increasing energy, as well as relieving side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and anorexia.  Additionally, TCVM can be used to boost the immune system in cases where the WBC is very low secondary to chemotherapeutic drug use.  Herbal formulas and acupuncture may be the sole treatment for cancer in some pets where owners decline to pursue chemotherapy/radiation.

Many patients that are treated with TCVM/herbs are geriatric patients.  Chinese herbs can help preserve and promote a high quality of life in geriatric patients due to the unique ability of the herbs to strengthen aging body systems while doing no harm.

The safety of herbal formulas depends on the correct dose and reliability of the manufacturer. Sources used by Winslow Animal Hospital and Dr. Hinze have trustworthy manufacturing, experience with the products, and appropriate dosing information.   Sources include Jing Tang Herbal Pharmacy, Kan Herb, and Standard Process.

For any questions regarding Chinese herbal therapy or acupuncture, please contact Dr. Amy Hinze at 856-875-1323 or e-mail


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