May 13 2014

Tick Removal

We need to be aware of the possibility of tick bites year-round. That’s why we recommend you always have┬átick preventatives. the number of ticks in the area goes up in the warm spring weather. The Sicklerville area is no exception! If you find a tick on your pet, be sure to remove it as quickly as possible. Here are some tips:

Grab a friend. You want to be able to get the tick off before your pet squirms away, so have someone help you keep your pet calm and still.

Treat the area with rubbing alcohol. Get everything nice and clean and germ-free!

Use tweezers to pull the tick off. Grab the tick as close to the pet’s skin as possible with your tweezers. Pull straight up with a constant force. Any sudden jerking, twisting, or crushing movements can cause mouth parts to break off while still in your pet’s skin or cause the tick to regurgitate infected fluids.

Place the tick in a jar with rubbing alcohol.

If any mouth parts remain, do not try to get them with tweezers. You’re likely to do more harm than good. In stead, apply a warm compress, which may help the body expel them.

Clean up the area and your hands. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the spot and then wash your hands. You should also sterilize the tweezers.

Keep an eye on the bite area for a few weeks. If it becomes red or inflamed, call your vet for an evaluation.

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