Dec 14 2018

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Cat… Or Cats | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat



Not sure what to get your kitty? We have some ideas that you might like!

Personalized Food and Water Bowls

Give your cat something that is just as unique as he is. Show off their personality with personalized bowls. You can get something like this from sites like Etsy.

Catnip Filled “Cookies”

So we aren’t talking about real cookies here, but you cat will love them anyway. This catnip filled toys are sure to be a hit with your furry friend. You can even get “Christmas cookies” so your pet can join in the Christmas cookie experience. You can find these cute little delights Etsy as well. 

Heated Cat Bed

Have you noticed your cat trying to hog the your heating pad? Trying getting her a heated bed. This will give her all that warmth she’s craving without the danger of her getting burnt like a human heating pad.

Scratching Posts 

This is practically a must have for all cats. This is something highly suggested if you don’t have one already. It is a great way for kitty to stretch out her paws (on something other then your couch). 


This box is filled with goodies for your cat (or cats). It comes with toys and all natural treats! There is even an option to receive boxes for multi-cat families.


Most cats enjoy being covered and hiding in small places, so why not get them a tent? There are so many colors and styles, you wont have a problem find the perfect one that matches your kitty’s personality… and maybe the rest of your decor.  Check out this blog to give you some ideas of whats out there.

Living Cat Tree

These are just too cool. If you want a climbing space for your cat that is also pretty and brings a little nature, this is the way to go. They take real trees and put in perches and little houses into them.


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