Aug 22 2018

Bree’s Reconstructed Pelvic Fracture | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat Orthopedic

Bree is a beautiful kitty brought in by Joa’s Arc Special Needs Animal Resuce. They were contact about Bree after she received a very horrific injury. 

X-rays of Bree’s pelvis after (left) and before (right).

Dr. Coudrai had discover 9 fractures to her pelvic region. Her pelvis was practically crushed. Bree had already spent 7 days in a shelter in this condition, Dr. Coudrai also estimated that the injury had occurred 4 weeks before the surgery. She showed no signs of it however. She would walk sporadically and purr for people.

Instead of putting her down, Joa’s Arc decided to go ahead with surgery to fix her pelvic region. Dr. Coudrai was able to reconstruct her pelvis. He place some new hardware to keep her pelvis in place.

Bree is now doing well post-op and taking it easy with her foster family. She is continuing to purr her way through the tough times. 

We wish Bree the best and a speedy recovery!

Bree post-op

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