The Schroeder Family










” For the staff of Winslow Animal Hospital,

It’s been almost two weeks since I said goodbye to my Laila Bear. Making that choice, to let her go, was immeasurably difficult, as i’m sure you all know.  My heart has ached, my eyes have cried, the space next to my side of the bed is empty and my house is quiet.  Although, through the pain and quiet, I am tremendously grateful for all of you and how you cared for my sweet girl. During every one of our office visits, everyone I encountered, from the reception desk to the the techs and doctors, everyone, was courteous and polite, professional and thorough. I was a big, crying, ugly mess the day I had to say goodbye, and I felt so comfortable being that way, like I was with friends. Thank you for helping me, guiding me, and allowing me to say goodbye the way I needed to that day. Thank you for the love and kindness you showed both Laila Bear and I. Thank you for caring for her like she was yours, took form her first visit to her last. My children ask where Laila Bear is, and if we will see her again. We tell them that she lives in heaven now, and whenever they see the moon, it’s Laila Bear shining down and watching us, so they both wave and say goodnight to her. Please, if you remember, the next time you see the moon, too, say goodnight to my sweet girl, she would love that.

Thank you,

Andrea Schroeder and Family”