Sid at Joa’s Arc

We are so amazed at how well Sid is doing after one acupuncture treatment. He has cerebellar hypoplasia and is unable to walk although he does roll all over happily. We have had him for three weeks and he would occasionally use the litter box if we held him in it but mostly he rolled in it and would face plant getting a mouth full of litter. He had acupuncture on Monday and on Tuesday used the box on his own and continues to use it every time. He climbs in and lays on his side doing his business. This is a huge step in his development! His results are identical to when we did it with Denver four years ago. There are no studies regarding CH and acupuncture that we have found, all we know is it again is helping a CH animal. He returns next week for another treatment and we will continue as long as he allows us. It causes no pain and he ate his breakfast and played during his treatment. He’s a feisty little dude that loves his life!

Joa’s Arc Animal Rescue