Jennifer B.

Client Service Manager

Jennifer Barnes is our Client Service Manager. She joined Winslow Animal Hospitals management team in June of 2015. 

Work experience that prepared her for this position:
* 18 years in Customer Service and office management 1997-current
* Joined a corporate veterinary hospital Linwood in July 4, 2003 as a Client Service Representative.
* Accepted the Client Service Management position in 2004 to 2014.
Volunteer Experience
* Save US Pets Foundation 2003-2014
life/Career Highlights
* Blessed with 4 beautiful children & my first grandchild (excepting #2 in the fall)
* Very lucky to be working with my two favorite passions the love for animals and the need to help people.
Born and Raised
* Galloway New Jersey
Logan – Shepard Mis
Luna- Pitbull
Isabella- SHD
Dawson- SHD
Favorite Season
Favorite Color
* Hiking
* Photography
* Poetry
* Beach
* Wildlife
* Sunsets
Favorite Quote
“Always treat others the way you want to be treated. “
Why do I enjoy working in the veterinary field?
I am a true humanitarian by nature. I have a true passion to help others in need and want to make them happy. Animals are so special and precious to me, they show the true meaning of unconditional love.