Jennifer B.

Jennifer Barnes is our Client Service Manager. She joined Winslow Animal Hospitals management team in June of 2015. 

Work experience that prepared her for this position:
* 18 years in Customer Service and office management 1997-current
* Joined a corporate veterinary hospital Linwood in July 4, 2003 as a Client Service Representative.
* Accepted the Client Service Management position in 2004 to 2014.
Volunteer Experience
* Save US Pets Foundation 2003-2014
life/Career Highlights
* Blessed with 4 beautiful children & my first grandchild (excepting #2 in the fall)
* Very lucky to be working with my two favorite passions the love for animals and the need to help people.
Born and Raised
* Galloway New Jersey
Logan – Shepard Mis
Luna- Pitbull
Isabella- SHD
Dawson- SHD
Favorite Season
Favorite Color
* Hiking
* Photography
* Poetry
* Beach
* Wildlife
* Sunsets
Favorite Quote
“Always treat others the way you want to be treated. “
Why do I enjoy working in the veterinary field?
I am a true humanitarian by nature. I have a true passion to help others in need and want to make them happy. Animals are so special and precious to me, they show the true meaning of unconditional love.