Aug 18 2014

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

It’s time to take your cat to the vet! August 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. Vet visits aren’t just for updating vaccines. A healthy cat should have a nose-to-tail exam every 6-12 months. Our veterinarians are looking for any signs of disease or abnormalities, such as unhealthy weight, ear mites, lumps, skin lesions, dental disease and normal heart and lung function. Cats age faster than humans, so health changes can happen much faster. In addition, cats are notorious for hiding the signs of their pain and disease. It takes a well-trained vet to make sure your cat is as healthy as possible.

Vaccines are also an important component of a cat’s health. Rabies, distemper and upper respiratory disease are common immunizations for cats.

Screenings are a great tool to protect your cat’s health as well. A stool sample can be tested for intestinal parasites. Screening blood tests may be recommended depending on the age and physical condition of your cat. Conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and kidney disease become common as cats age, and blood tests can sometimes detect disease before symptoms are noticed. The sooner the cat’s treatment or lifestyle changes begin, the better the outcome.

Many pet owners would like to get their cats to the vet more often, but struggle to get their cats to cooperate. See the tips below on how to habituate your cat to a cat carrier. Happy Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!
How to Habituate Your Cat to a Carrier (PDF)

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