Jul 05 2017

Summer Fun Pet Photo Contest 2017 | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat


The winner of our Summer Fun Pet Photo Contest is WINNIE!

Congratulations to Winnie the winner and all the other dogs and cats who participated in our summer fun pet photo contest. Who knew there were so many cute pets in the Sicklerville, New Jersey area?

Summer Fun Photo Contest 1


Our earliest entrants were Bailey, BonBon, & Maya. These 3 dogs know how to let the sunshine hit their good sides!

Summer Fun Photo Contest 2


The second set of photos was dominated by cats – in fact, there were 3 for one photo! Milo’s lounging with his morning coffee, whereas Leno, Chloe, & Mama are getting their daily fix of cat memes (do cats look at memes of cats, or do they think humans are adorable?) Luna is absolutely diving into the summer in this awesome action shot!

Summer Fun Photo Contest 3 (1)


As the contest picked up in popularity, we got more entries. The next 4 were the swimmer Sonora, goofy-grinned Oliver, and TWO dogs named Blue! Blue S. is enjoying time out in the sun, while Blue P. posed in an environment that lived up to  his name.

Summer Fun Photo Contest 4


The next two pets prefer those cool indoor days. Chase & Maggie both bringing the dramatic looks that only the best of the best can pull off! These pets could model!

Summer Fun Photo Contest 5


The last set of photos were the darling duo Bowser & Rex vs the fashion-forward Winnie and her pink bow-to-toe look.


Summer Fun Pet Photo Contest Finals

The final round included:

  1. Blue
  2. Winnie
  3. Maya
  4. Leno, Chloe, & Mama
  5. Maggie

These awesome pets went up against one another for the finals and had some MAJOR support from you guys! Hundreds of you voted for your favorite, and we are so grateful for the time you took to share your opinions. In the end, Winnie took the crown!

Be sure to keep those cameras ready to snap that perfect pic for our next contest!


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