Jan 20 2014

Daisy and Dottie

Dottie (9/11/1996~3/10/2008) was a wonderful dalmatian. Her Pet-Parent, Darlene, loved her so much, Dottie is now with her wherever she goes with this tattoo.




There  is another dog in Darlene’s life. This sweet dog is a Sato named Daisy. “Sato” is the Puerto Rican name for “street dog.” As a puppy, Daisy was rescued from “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico by the Save A Sato organization. This organization rescues dogs and puppies from the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico and flies them to the States to partner rescues so they can be adopted.


Although Daisy was rescued as a puppy, she still loves to lay outside in the dirt, and, amazingly enough, she LOVES the snow! Darlene hopes to someday have a tattoo for Daisy inspired by George Rodrigue’sinfamous Blue Dog


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