Feb 07 2015

Pucker Up with Your Pet for Dental Wellness Care | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

February is Pet Dental Health month!

By 3 years old, 75% of pets have some for of dental disease! Your dog or cat may be showing some of these signs:

  • bleeding from the mouth
  • facial swelling
  • tartar on the teeth
  • red gums
  • bad breath
  • pawing at the mouth

To take care of your pet’s teeth, consider dental care at Winslow Animal Hospital. Otherwise, brushing is your best defense against dental disease! For pets who are difficult to brush, you can also give dental chews or add dental rinse to the water. Those are less effective than brushing, but may still be helpful in the fight against tarter.

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How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

  • Keep sessions short
  • Begin when pet is calm
  • Allow pet to taste toothpaste
  • Spend several sessions gently massaging the outside of the mouth
  • Wrap gauze on finger & gently rub teeth. Reward with a taste of toothpaste
  • Do not force pet’s mouth open
  • Use a toothbrush OR wrap gauze on finger, apply toothpaste, and rub outer surface of teeth. Begin with large molars in the back.
  • Do not attempt to brush the inside of the teeth.

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