Jan 06 2015

Preventive Care Checklist for Dogs and Cats

With it being a new year, now is the time a lot of people make plans for self-care and family care. But are you taking time for pet care? To make things a little easier, the American Animal Hospital Association, the group responsible for accrediting Winslow Animal Hospital, have shared this checklist for your dog’s or cat’s preventive health care this year.

  • A physical exam – A veterinarian gives a head-to-tail examination of your dog or cat, including listening to the heart and lungs. This is important because a veterinarian is trained to know how to find signs of disease that most people would miss. Catching it early can change the course of a disease.
  • Vaccinations – Vaccines save lives. Some your doctor may recommend based on your location or activities, such as whether a cat is indoor or outdoor. Others are core vaccines that all should get, such as rabies.
  • Dental exam – Dental disease itself can be painful, but add the risk to other organs of getting an infection, and dental health becomes really important!
  • Parasite testing Fleas and heartworms affect pets, and other parasites, such as ringworm, can affect pets and people, too! Testing for parasites can really save the day.
  • Lab work – depending on your dog’s or cat’s breed and age, the veterinarian may recommend lab work as well. This information can help us learn about your pet’s health in ways that a physical exam does not. Knowing about kidney problems, diabetes, or underlying infection early can make a huge difference in the course of the disease.


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