Oct 31 2014

Prepping for Orthopedic Surgery | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

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¬†When scrubbing in, it’s important to clean for no less than five minutes to kill all bacteria.

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Once scrubbed, it is essential that a doctor does not touch ANYTHING that could contaminate their hands! Doctors will even avoid touching parts of their arms near their elbows. Even though they wash all the way up their arms, they are very cautious about keeping their hands clean to reduce the risk of infecting the dogs and cats they operate on.

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Surgery Technicians play a huge roll in preparing for surgeries so the doctors can focus on the procedure.

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Dr. Coudrai skillfully operates on the knee. Dr. Coudrai has performed thousands of surgeries.

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With the help of a surgery technician, Dr. Coudrai will finish the surgery in no time. The dog will then recover over the coming weeks with sessions in Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation.

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