May 15 2015

Pet-Proof Your Yard | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

With the warmer weather, many of us want to spend more time outside, including our pets. Being outdoors can be very good for our dogs and cats, but it can also bring problems if we are not careful.

Harmful Chemicals

Many harmful chemicals can show up in herbicides, mulches, fertilizers, and the like. Some plants are toxic to pets as well. Be careful about which products you choose.

Fleas and Ticks

These nasty bugs are all over the place outside. Your pets can get very sick from germs carried by fleas and ticks, in addition to the itching and discomfort of the pests themselves. They can also be carried inside by your pet and soon find you or your family. Make sure you use flea and tick prevention products, even if your pet is not outdoors very frequently.


It is not uncommon for dogs to have heat stroke problems. When your pet is outside, make sure they always have access to cool, clean water and shade. NEVER leave your pet in the car. If your pet shows signs of heat stroke, such as fatigue,  get them into shade and cooler air, cool their bellies with wet cool washcloths, and call your vet right away.

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Holes Everywhere

If your dog is a digger, you can create a special dirt pit corner to encourage him to go there in stead of digging all over the yard. Bury treasures for him to find, such toys. Finding them will make digging in that special spot more exciting.

Bathroom Breaks

Designate an area of your yard  for your dog’s bathroom breaks. Teaching them to use it may take a few weeks, but it’ll keep your lawn safe from “landmines” when you need to navigate the yard.


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