Jul 14 2016

Pet Fire Safety Day | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Pet Fire Safety



pets die each year in house fires


fires are started by pets every year


house fires occur in the United States each year

Every 80 seconds

house fires are reported in the United States, on average.


Prevent Fires

  • Remove glass bowls from wood decks. These can refract sunlight and cause a fire.

  • Extinguish open flames. Pets may be curious about candles or other flame sources and cause a fire by knocking over or coming into contact with the candle.

  • Pet-proof your home. Crate or gate your pet into a safe area to keep them from potential fire hazards, like wires.

Prepare for Emergencies

  • Create an emergency kit. The contents should include medicine, medical records, leashes/carriers, food, waste bags, emergency contact information, toys, bedding, and current photos in case your pet is lost.

  • Arrange a safe haven. Should the worst happen, having a plan for where you and/or your pets will stay will help you keep calm and stay safe.

  • Keep identification on your pet. If you are separated from your pet, identification is key to being reunited. A microchip provides a means of identification that cannot be easily removed by a pet or person.



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