Oct 30 2014

Oliver Wins Halloween Costume Pet Photo Contest!

This goofy dog, Oliver, won our contest on Facebook with his Eeyore costume. Oliver had 126 Likes!

Oliver has been a patient of Winslow Animal Hospital since he was a puppy. He was neutered when he was young and over the years has undergone laser therapy and acupuncture as needed. Neutering helps to fight pet overpopulation and reduce unwanted behaviors, such as aggression and wandering. Laser therapy uses medical lasers to stimulate cellular activity and speed up healing as well as fighting inflammation. Acupuncture treatments stimulate specific points on the body to encourage the body to heal itself and can help reduce pain and inflammation.

Oliver is a joy to those who know him. We are happy to celebrate his winning of the Winslow Animal Hospital Halloween Pet Costume Contest!


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