Take A Tour

We encourage you to explore our virtual tour page to see where your pet will be cared for and treated. At Winslow Animal Hospital we take pride in caring for your pets as if they were our own!

Welcome to Winslow Animal Hospital!
Our surgery suites are state of the art.
Our digital x-rays give us sharp and precise imaging of your pet.
Our lab and pharmacy
Rapid lab results and medications to get your pet feeling better quickly!
Our exam rooms will make you feel at home.
Our comfort room, a serene place.
We work hard to give you the best value.
Diagnostic room
Cats have a special place to keep them safe and comfortable away from dogs.
Cat Room
Cat exam room
Intensive Care Unit
Surrounded by glass our most Critical patients are always under our nurses watchful eyes.
Surgery Suite II
Dentistry area, Oral health is just as important!
Our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practioner uses laser therapy, aquatic therapy, and other therapies to help patients recover
Our rehabilitation room features an aquatic treadmill