Oct 19 2016

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National Feral Cat Day

National Feral Cat Day is October 16. Groups such as Alley Cat Allies are educating people about the issues surrounding feral cats and cat overpopulation.

There are millions of cats roaming the streets of the United States. Because of overpopulation and limited resources, many are euthanized every year. One method for addressing the problem is the implementation of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs.

Cats that are not socialized to live with humans are humanely trapped, taken to a clinic for neutering and sometimes vaccinations as well, and then they are returned to where they were trapped. The neutered cats discourage other feral cats from wandering into their area, as well as suppressing the growth of populations of their prey, such as mice. This is beneficial for people in the area, as mice can be very destructive.

Ultimately, the goal of National Feral Cat Day is to prevent needless cat deaths and improve communities.

Here are some ways to participate in National Feral Cat Day:

  1. Sign a petition to get the attention of officials (click here)
  2. Share a selfie with a National Feral Cat Day Selfie Sign (click here)
  3. Read more at nationalferalcatday.org

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