Jan 22 2014

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Mark your calendars – January 22 is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! You probably won’t be getting off work or putting up decorations, but you and your cat can enjoy the day if you set aside some time and effort to think about your cat. He may have a bunch of questions that he’s itching to ask you. And today is a great day to ask your questions about cats, too!

Cat: I love it inside, but sometimes I want to go out and roam around. Is that OK?

Indoor cats experience fewer illnesses and injuries, and they tend to live longer than outdoor cats.

Cat: Are hairballs common? What can we do to prevent them?

Hairballs are common, especially among long-haired breeds. Brushing regularly and a diet rich in fiber can help keep the hairball problem to a minimum.

Cat: Can’t you just give me some of your medicine like aspirin when I don’t feel good?

Absolutely not!! Cats have different biology than humans. It may be tempting to give a hurting pet some over-the-counter medicines to make them feel better, but that is never ok. What would make a human feel better could make a cat very, very sick.

Cat: My human always complains that I have bad breath. I think it smells great!

Dental disease affects a majority of adult cats. Bad breath may be a sign that your teeth aren’t healthy. If your gums get infected, it can be a serious problem for your health! You should look into getting dental care at Winslow Animal Hospital.


Your cat could have these or a thousand other questions for you to address today! If you have any questions for us, e-mail us at info@winslowanimalhospital.com, find us on facebook or call us at 856-875-1323.

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