Jul 27 2015

Mutt Day

Mutt Day is coming! There are two Mutt Day dates each year: December 2nd and July 31st. Why two dates? Because shelters are filled with mixed-breed dogs who need to find forever homes!

In the search for a family pet, mixed-breed dogs are often overlooked in favor of purebred dogs, which may have appealing physical traits. But did you know that the genetic diversity of mutts means that they are often genetically healthier than dogs of a specific breed?

When humans choose dogs to breed that have traits they want to see in a new breed, they draw from a small initial population, and those traits are amplified within each new generation. Any genes that can lead to health problems are increased within that population and so are artificially selected for along with those tiny legs, long spines, and fluffy tails.

Mutts, on the other hand, have traits that are selected naturally. In other words, in stead of reproducing because they look a certain way, these dogs reproduce because of traits of longevity, health, positive social interactions, keen senses and survival. As a result, mutts are often genetically healthy!

More important than that one advantage, mutts are important because they will love your family just as much as a purebred would. If you’re looking to get a new dog, consider adopting a mutt!


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