Oct 14 2014

Mia the Dog Reunited with Family Thanks to Microchipping | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Mia was down the shore for vacation with her family when she got lost. Mia’s Pet-Parents had had her microchipped at Winslow Animal Hospital years ago. When she was missing, this beautiful pup got picked up by a Good Samaritan, who took her to get her chip read (animal hospitals and shelters have special microchip readers) to find out about her family. They contacted her Pet Parents and were able to reunite them with Mia in no time.

Microchips turned what could have been a family’s disaster into a minor inconvenience. Imagine the relief they felt after getting the phone call that Mia was found and doing ok!

If you have a dog or cat who has not been microchipped and would like to take that step to protect your furry family member, make an appointment with us today by calling Winslow Animal Hospital at 856-875-1323.

Enjoy these pics of Mia below!






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