Feb 23 2015

Maggie the Dog Saves the Day! | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

This wonderful dog Maggie is a patient of Winslow Animal Hospital. Just before Valentine’s Day, Maggie was taking her Pet-Parent for a walk at night, around 10:00. She didn’t want to go back inside when the walk was supposed to be over, and Maggie pulled her Dad down the sidewalk in front of another house. There was an elderly lady, somewhat disoriented and crawling on the sidewalk. Authorities were called. The woman lived farther down the street. She was taken home and her family called. If not for Maggie, the bitter cold of that night would have been a very serious problem for the woman. Maggie’s Pet-Parents are both very proud of her!!

2015-03-09 15.08.01

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