Dec 03 2013

Loveable Lola

Lola is an extraordinary friend and hero to her owner,¬†Joann. We met Lola when she came to see Dr. Coudrai after fracturing her jaw while playing with another dog. Her injury was severe enough that without surgical intervention by Dr. Coudrai, Lola’s injuries would have caused tremendous changes in her quality of life. While Joann and Dr. Coudrai were discussing her treatment plan, an incredible story was shared about Lola.

According to Joann, Lola has been a relatively calm and loving pet. But one day she began to nuzzle against her owner’s chest. The nuzzling behavior changed to a more aggressive nudging and nipping at the same area of Joann’s chest. Shortly after this¬† behavior began, Joann was diagnosed with cancer. Lola was sniffing out cancer in her owner! Luckily Joann has recovered and is ever thankful that she has Lola in her life!

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