Jun 12 2018

Let’s Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month| Winslow Animal Hospital Cat & Dog

Here at Winslow Animal Hospital, we love the kitties that come through our doors. They are magnificent little beings that can provide so much comfort and love to a home, and they dominate this month. The month of June is “Adopt a Cat Month,” and Winslow Animal Hosptial is here to give you some information on these beautiful creatures and what you can do to help out.

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So, you are probably wondering, why are cats so special? Our answer to this is, because they are! In all seriousness, cats have some pretty amazing features going on that make them extraordinary. Trust us, you won’t be able to deny them once you hear what we have to say. Here are some reasons and facts:

  1. Cats help reduce blood pressure and improve your cardiovascular health.
  2. They help improve mental health by reducing stress.
  3. Cats make wonderful playmates, with kittens being some of the most playful babies in the animal kingdom. 
  4. According to a Caroll University study, people who own cats are smarter (if you want to read more about the study, check out this New York Post article).
  5. They offer a quiet and comforting companionship, and did you know that cats can recognize their owner’s voice?

Now that we have convinced you of the awesomeness that is a cat, let’s get into how you can help out your fellow feline in need this “Adopt a Cat Month.”

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This is the heart of “Adopt a Cat Month.” We really encourage you to provide a home for a cat who needs one. These are marvelous companion animals, and we believe you would truly benefit from adopting a new furry friend. If this is the route you chose to go down, check out our adoption checklist. Of course, not everyone is ready or able to bring a new cat into their home, so there a couple more ways to help.

Fundraise or Donate

Most shelters run off of volunteerism and donations. So financial help will always be greatly appreciated to help take care of these precious animals. It doesn’t have to be a lot, any small contribution will help greatly. 


Again, volunteerism is an important part of running a shelter. The time you give will be an important part of giving these animals a taste of the human-animal bond. Also, the interaction with these animals will help show you how inspiring they can be.

Are you ready? There are many places and kitties that could use your help! Start by researching animal shelters and cat rescues in your area. For Southern New Jersey residents, you can start by checking out Furrever Friends, Camden County Animal Shelter, Gloucester County Shelter, Animal Welfare Association, or your county shelter.

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