Jan 15 2015

(Let a Cat) Clean Off Your Desk Day | Winslow Animal Hospital

Butters Helps Clean Off Desk

This past Monday marked Clean Off Your Desk Day. Butters went to the desk of our inventory manager, Kathleen. She is a very orderly, neat person, for whom nearly every day is Clean Off Your Desk Day. Nevertheless, Butters was able to find some cat treats Kathleen left on her desk for him and obliged to help her celebrate the day.

If you’d like to join in this week and clean off your desk, here are a few quick tips:

  • Throw away trash. Old, unnecessary forms, notes, and debris have got to go!
  • Get systematized. If that means you need new folders for 2015, or to change the way you file, or whatever you need to do to get order, take the time to do it. A little extra time now can save you lots of time in searches and frustration in the future.
  • Check equipment. Refill tape dispensers, check your stapler, get a magnet for all your paperclips. Whatever accessories you’ve got, be sure they’re working.
  • Dust all the things.

dust all the things

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