Jun 13 2015

Inky from Joa’s Arc Receives Orthopedic Surgery | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Pictured above is Dr. Coudrai with Inky, a very special kitten. Joa’s Arc, a rescue for special needs animals, came to Inky’s aid when a local shelter asked for help with a small kitten with a fractured leg. They got Inky to a vet for emergency care immediately. It was originally thought that the fracture was stable and that splinting for six weeks would be enough to heal the damage. Unfortunately, during that initial recovery, Inky’s glucose crashed days later and she had to be stabilized overnight. By the time Inky had a couple splint changes, it was clear her leg was in bad shape. Her tibia fracture was displaced, her fibula was also fractured, and her hip was dislocated. The vet recommended amputation of the leg.


Inky’s fractured leg

Joa’s Arc brought Inky to Winslow Animal Hospital┬áto see Dr. Coudrai, who is well-known for his orthopedic surgeries on dogs and cats. Rather than amputate, Dr. Coudrai performed orthopedic surgery to repair the leg last week. He placed four pins to hold the bones in place and allow Inky’s leg to heal.


On this x-ray, you can see the external fixator holding the bones of inky’s leg in place.



As you can see from the video below, Inky has been recovering well and is able to move and explore, despite having so much added weight to carry around for now!


To contribute to Inky’s GoFundMe page, click here.





Inky resting after her orthopedic surgery at Winslow Animal Hospital.


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