Mar 21 2015

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth


Morty’s tooth brushing adventure!

Morty is one well-behaved (and well-dressed) dog! He’s going to help us learn to brush a pet’s teeth.

  1. Use pet-specific toothpaste, never human products.
  2. Allow your pet to smell and taste the toothpaste in a calm environment.
  3. Start when your pet is young!
  4. Brush the outside of your pet’s teeth with your finger. Allow your pet to get used to the sensation.
  5. You can use gauze to brush your pet’s teeth. Wrap it around your finger, apply toothpaste and brush, starting with the teeth in the back of the mouth. You can also use a pet toothbrush.
  6. NEVER force the mouth open!
  7. When you are finished, give plenty of praise or a treat to make tooth brushing a positive experience for your pet.
  8. Try to brush at least 2-3 times a week.

How to brush your pet’s teeth (pdf)

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