Dec 05 2013

Holiday Pet Safety Tips


Holiday Pet Safety Tips

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6 thoughts on “Holiday Pet Safety Tips”

  1. David says:

    Its really a nice post. Thanks for sharing. I usually taking a little walk around with my dog daily, is there any harm to my dog to walk around with me in winter?

    1. winslowadmin says:

      If the weather is mild, going for walks is a great idea! You need to be careful about chemicals like antifreeze, salt or other snow-melting chemicals that may be on sidewalks. Antifreeze tastes sweet but is poisonous, and salt and other chemicals can get stuck on your dog’s paws and hurt. You can reduce any risks by carefully checking the paws to wipe off anything that may have stuck to the paw pads or in between them. You can even get winter booties for your dog that can make walks comfortable AND fashionable!

      This post was more specifically about holiday tips, but for general winter tips, see this post:

      1. David says:

        Thanks for your response.

  2. David says:

    I like your this post. Very informative and knowledgeable.

  3. We go a little crazy during holidays. But it’s a good idea to be careful what out pet does around various holiday food and decorations. They may chew on electrical chords and get shocked. This is one we should be most aware of. Thank you for your wonderful tips.

  4. Amanda Jasi says:

    I have read your pdf, it really awesome. I am going for my next holidays with my dog Soku. I am doing the plan and looking for some exciting ideas to make it remarkable. Your tips are tremendous. Thanks for sharing!

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