Nov 23 2016

Giving Thanks for Bear & Gracie | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Giving Thanks for Bear and Gracie

I don’t share my story with a lot of people. 10 years ago I suffered the most devastating loss any parent could suffer. For three years after that, I just existed. I went to work, cleaned the house…etc. did the things I needed to do to support family. But I lost interest in everything and everyone. I was surrounded by friends and family who tried everything they could think of to help me but it was to no avail. It wasn’t until Bear came into my life that I found my self laughing and holding conversations with people again ( of course the conversations were always about Bear but the point is …..I was engaging in life again). 1 year later we adopted Gracie. It was as if she knew I needed her help as well and she wasted no time in helping with her silly antics. So why am I grateful….because without these two my life would be dark and dismal but with them it is full of unconditional love and laughter. I will be forever in debt to the two of them for what they have given me and vowed three years ago to wake up everyday and try my best to give them back in return what the have given to me.

-Marry Ann H.

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