Feb 17 2016

Flea & Tick Preventative | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Does My Pet Really Need Flea & Tick Preventatives in the Winter?

Short answer: Yes!

Just a few days ago, while a snowstorm raged outside, this tick was making a meal of a Furry-Friend who was on their way to Winslow Animal Hospital. Dogs and cats keep warm in the winter with their fur. Without fur, fleas and ticks should die in the winter, right?

Well, that’s half right. Those nasty parasites who love to make a meal out of our pets don’t have fur of their own, but they find your pet’s fur – and your home – nice and cozy! They love to move in and make themselves comfortable, not only making your pet a meal, but putting them at risk of contracting nasty diseases like Lyme Disease. Worse still, if your pet is bringing in nasty bugs like that, there is a greater risk that you, your guests, your children, or others will be victims of the parasites!

Protect your pets. Protect your family. Get the flea & tick prevention your pet needs.

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