Jul 07 2017

Employee Spotlight: Raquel

I grew up in Washington Township New Jersey where I attended public schools and graduated from Washington Township High School. I spent my childhood and teenage years as a competitive dancer and even spent a few years teaching. My entire life my family home was always filled with pets but my true love for animals started when my father had a Police Dog. I always had an interest in medicine but seeing the love and loyalty this dog brought to my family really sparked my interest in animals.


After High School I went to Rutgers University New Brunswick where I studied Animal Science. During my time there my passion for animals and the veterinary field grew as I spent many hours on Rutgers Farms as a student as well as  a teaching assistant. During college I also began working as Veterinary Technician at a small animal hospital up near school. In my spare time during my undergraduate time I enjoyed weight lifting and was also a member of Delta Gamma where I held many different leadership positions. After college I took to year off to focus on studying for the GRE and applying to Vet schools. After a few months away from the veterinary field I decided to find another Veterinary Technician job which is when I found Winslow Animal Hospital. Here I have been able to gain skills, pick the doctors’ minds, and further my love for the field. After hearing back from schools I decided to go to Western University located in Pomona California to study Veterinary Medicine. I will miss Winslow Animal Hospital very much, but am looking forward to my future.

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