Apr 01 2017

Dr. Sheila Levie Visits KidsNet Learning Center | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Dr. Sheila Levie visited KidsNet Learning Center this past week. She presented to young students from the Sicklerville, New Jersey area about what a veterinarian does at Winslow Animal Hospital. Topics included:

  • 1. Pets need the same things we need to be happy and healthy
    Pets need some of the same things we do! The tummies of dogs and cats grumble when they need food! It’s important we feed them foods that are safe – and some foods that are good for humans are unsafe for animals.
  • 2. How to interact safely with dogs and cats
    When cats are purring and their ears are pointed forward, they are happy and content to be pet. When the end of the cat’s tail begins to twitch, he’s running out of patience. If those ears go back and he starts to hiss, we leave him alone and play another time!
  • 3. How veterinarians make sure pets are healthy
    Physical exams and blood tests can help us know what’s wrong. Medicine can sometimes help pets feel better. Sometimes we need to use X-rays to see inside a pet. If there is something inside that shouldn’t be, sometimes we need to do surgery to get it out!

We are grateful to KidsNet for the opportunity to reach out to young people and share our passion for animals!

kids net (1)Dr. Levie, Thank you so much for your fun and informative visit to KidsNet Learning Center! The children truly enjoyed learning about animals (Including dinosaurs), and what a veterinarian does! We appreciate you taking time from your busy day to visit our school. It is always a pleasure when Winslow Animal Hospital stops by. See you soon! JoAnne Palmer, Center Director

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