Mar 09 2018

Microchip to the Rescue: Woody and Simon’s Story | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Simon and Woody were THRILLED to see their family again!

The pair were found, lost and in a dangerous situation. Woody and Simon were roaming the highway when a Winslow Animal Hospital client spotted them.  He ran into the middle of the busy highway to stop traffic. He was able to secure the two back to safety. The Good Samaritan who found them brought them to us in hopes we would be able to find his family.

Thankfully, the pair had microchips. We were able to scan them and contact their family.  Watch Simon and Woody have a heartwarming reunion with their family. 

Anything can happen. So please remember:

  • If your pet in not already microchipped, make sure to schedule an appointment with your vet
  • To check your pet’s microchip registration to be sure that all information is up to date. 

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