Dec 18 2016

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Winter Pet Safety Tip: Use Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

Traditional ice melt may result in irritation to your pet’s paws or even cause an upset stomach if your pet licks their paws or eats contaminated snow or food.

Please use Pet Friendly ice melt.  Many products will be labeled for use around pets.
These types of ice melt are safe for pets, humans and vegetation. They are non-toxic and will not irritate your pet’s skin as easily as traditional ice melt products. 

Check the back label of products you are considering buying.  If they say “keep away from children,” this may be a product that isn’t safe for pets, either.  Look to see if it says it causes irritation to the skin or harmful if swallowed.

Please keep a wash cloth and a container of warm water to remove any salt residue at the end of each outdoor trip.

A healthy pet is a happy pet & a happy pet-parent!

Puppy in the snow


To learn more about pet-friendly ice melts, click here!

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