May 07 2014

Dog Allergies

Spring has sprung and so have  all the allergic ailments of the season. Everyone recognizes the typical sneezing symptom associated with allergies, but most dogs exhibit symptoms through skin infections, ear infections and itching. There are three main types of allergies that can affect your dog: atopic (skin) or inhalant allergies such as airborne pollens, dust mites and mold, food allergies, and flea allergies.  Some dogs can be reactive to multiple allergens.


*Shield dog from exposure of allergens : HEPA filter/                                          air purifier for home, vacuum frequently, wipe paws off after being outdoors.

*Dr. prescribed medication,

*Omega-3 fatty acids

*Allergy testing/treatments.


*Decrease exposure to flea bites through use of prescription topical flea medication as directed.


*Hypoallergenic food and treats containing novel proteins

*Elimination diet if necessary.

We strive to keep your dog happy, healthy and itch-free. Contact our office for an examination if you suspect your dog is suffering from allergies.


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