May 20 2015

Dancing Puppies | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

The “dancing puppies”: Merengue, Flamenco & Salsa. These absolutely adorable Silken Windhounds came to Winslow Animal Hospital Tuesday morning. Dr. Bohn and Chris, CVT were delighted to be able to spend some time petting and playing with the puppies after their exams and vaccines were finished.

2015-05-19 09.23.44

Salsa’s close-up!

2015-05-19 09.06.16

Dr. Bohn and Chris love puppy visits!

2015-05-19 09.07.13

Curious Merengue!





2015-05-19 09.20.21

The puppies’ mom, Talahi with her doting pet-parent!



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