Dec 12 2018

Christmas Present Ideas for Your Pup | Winslsow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat



Our pets are part of the family just as much as other family members. So don’t they deserve a Christmas present too? Of course they do.  Here are some gift ideas for your pampered pooch.


Custom/Personalized Dog items

What a great way to give them something uniquely their own. This could be toys, collars, bowls, you name it. You could find something truly amazing with out breaking the bank on sites like Etsy.

Classic Toys

Christmas is also a great time to replace that favorite plush toy, chew toys, or ball that just had to be thrown away. 

New Dog Bed

Give the gift of comfort to your furry-friend this year. If their current bed is all torn and gross, or if you simply haven’t gotten them one and just know they would love it, a dog bed would be a great present. There are even bed that have pet safe warmers in them that you could give a try. 

Holiday Treats

Who doesn’t love finding something yummy in their stocking? Well, your pup does too. You can make something deliciously homemade (check out our Pinterest for ideas). Or you can pick something up! Whether from a pet bakery (our personal favorite is K-9 Kakes) or a store.  You could even pick up treats they will love from us

Bark Box

This is an fun subscription box just for your furry best friend! Each box has two toys, a chew, and treats all centered around a theme. The last couple of themes (as of 12/12/18) were “The Knights of the Hound Table” and “Chewrassic Park.” How adorable is that?

Wisdom Panel

If you love researching your own family history and use AncestryDNA or 23andMe, then we think you will love this. With Wisdom Panel, you can send your dogs DNA to be tested to see if they are at risk for any kind of genetic disease. Not only this, but you can finally track your dog’s genetic history.

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