Aug 29 2018

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Who doesn’t love watching their pup running around with a chew toy in their mouth? Even if it’s just to keep them from chewing up those new pair of shoes. However, there is always a risks to go along with the benefits for everything. So what exactly is the risk involved with that chew toy? We are here to give you all the information on the risks of some of the most classic chew toys for your furry friend.



Theses are easily some of the most popular chew toys out there. However, did you know that they are one of the most dangerous? Because of the nature of the rawhide, they can be hard to digest. If large pieces are swallowed, not only could it sit in your dog’s stomach for months – but it can also cause an obstruction. Not only this, but choking is a real danger with them as well.

Of course, it is still your decision. One must always take into consideration their pet’s chewing style. If your pet is an aggressive chewer or if he tends to scarf down his food, then this is not the best option. 

Tendon chews

These chews also pose a huge choking hazard. Because they are long, thin, and ropy the chew could easily become caught in the dog’s throat. If you do decide to give your dog this chew, we suggest taking it away when they get to a point where the choking risk has increased. 

Pizzles (Bully Sticks)

Pizzles are also quite small. Again, this is another one to keep an eye on your dog while they chew this. As a rule of thumb, if it doesn’t stick out 2 inches or more from your dogs mouth, then its probably time to give up on the pizzle. 


Hooves are sharp and break easily. They can cause a lot of oral damage from cutting up your pet’s mouth. It is best to avoid hooves as an option for chew toys for your furry friend. 

Dental Health

Another thing to think about with all of these chew toys is your pet’s dental health. Hard chew toys can also pose a risk of cracking teeth. If your pet has any kind of dental problem, it would be best to stick to softer chew toys. 

Talk to your veterinarian with any questions and concerns you have about what kind of chew toy to give to your pet. 

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