Dec 10 2018

Cat Proofing Your Christmas Tree | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat


Fake Tree vs. Real Tree

Who doesn’t love coming home to that pine smell of Christmas. Or taking deep breaths of the smell of your Christmas tree while unwrapping your presents. The smell of a live Christmas tree is basically a Christmas staple.  However, think carefully about whether or not you want a live tree in the house if you have cats. Because the iconic smell mixed with that claw-able could actually make your cats want to climb your perfectly decorated tree even more.  Plus, they just love chewing on pine needles. If you wish to skip the hassle, consider buying a fake tree. However,  if you want to keep that live tree no matter, keep reading for some ideas to make it less appealing. 

Where to Put Your Christmas Tree

For starters, you want to make sure your tree is out of reach of anything that could help your cat pounce on it. As a rule of thumb, if your tree is about 5 feet tall, then make sure that there is about 5 feet worth of space around it. All that free space will give your cat less mobility to jump into the tree.

Securing the Tree

Make sure your tree is secured with a sturdy base. If your an extra cautious person, you could event secure it from the top with a hook in the ceiling. 


Wrap your tree in foil

Cats hate the noise and texture of aluminum foil. Wrapping it around the trunk will deter those curious kitties.

Cover water with plastic wrap

The water could contain pesticides and fertilizer that the tree absorbed that could upset your cat’s stomach.

Never use tinsel

Tinsel is something that should just stay out of the house. If your cant decides to eat it, it could cause major blockages and twisting of the digestive system. 

Hide cords

Keep cords for your lights out of sight as much as possible. Your cat might electrocute herself if she decides to chew on them.

Avoid glass ornaments

Your cat could injure himself or one of your family members if he knocks down a glass ornament and it shatters.

If you think anything is wrong, do not hesitate to contact your Veterinarian.  Have a happy and safe holiday!

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