Jul 24 2015

Butters 2016

There’s another feline catidate in the mix! Butters, the Winslow Animal Hospital cat, needs your vote!

Butters Kathleens Desk

After hearing about a Kentucky cat named Limberbutt running for office, Butters felt led to do the same. Butters is still working on his platform, but it seems strong so far!


Butters rose from the mean streets to the heights of the top of the cabinet in the work station. Butters understands the struggles of the little guy, himself once being small enough to fit in a manila envelope. 


Other candidates will talk to you about job creation. But what about job FUN-IFICATION?! Butters is a catidate who has paws-on experience making a workplace environment better.


Butters knows we have major healthcare problems in this country that need to be addressed. Like the approximately 80% of dogs and cats over 3 years old who have some form of dental disease. This can lead to pain, tooth loss, and infections that can spread to the kidneys!

2014-04-14 10.50.05

Climate change is a catastrophe. Heat kills. Butters wants to remind all pet-parents in our nation to NEVER leave your pet in a parked car!

margebutters in beds 2013

Butters believes our seniors need to be taken care of. In general, a dog or cat is considered a senior by 7 years old, depending on the breed. Senior pets need wellness exams every six months. To help with the costs of caring for these amazing animals, pet-parents should consider Pet Insurance! Maybe someday all pets will be insured so they can receive the quality veterinary care they deserve.

Butters Superstar

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