Dec 04 2014

Brownie Troop 30667 Visits Winslow Animal Hospital (part 1)


Welcome, troops!

We were so delighted to have Brownie Troop 30667 with us Tuesday! The girls got to learn all about the veterinary profession and see our hospital. Check out the photos from this very special day.


Playing Doctor!



In the Dog Run




Dr. Coudrai speaking about how to avoid round worms in pet. Thank you Dr. Levie for donating the visual props: round worms, extracted teeth, larvae. Thank you Christie, CVT for setting up the display!!


The importance of x-ray. What a x-ray of a drill looks like.


It’s hot under this mask!


Abby is checking out the water treadmill with a friend



Dr. Coudrai showing a kidney stone sample


See Part 2 for more pictures of Brownie Troop 30667!


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