Jul 12 2018

Breed Spotlight: Pug | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Ah, the pug. Who doesn’t love that scrunched face and bug eyes? It is just too cute for words. If you love this breed as much as we do then keep on reading to get some factoids on this amazing little dog.


The pug, like the chow chow, originates from China where they were breed to be lapdogs. The wrinkled nose was must among Chinese aristocracy, thus their defining feature today.  Holland became the breed’s new home when Dutch traders brought them from China. A Dutch ruling family, the House of Orange, adopted the dog as the house’s official breed in 1572 when the dog made them aware of invaders. Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, Josephine, used her pug to send messages while she was in prison. It become one of the most popular breeds among English royalty in the 19th Century. It took a while for the pug to become popular in America, but since then it has remained in the top 20 of popular dog breeds. 

General Personality

Pugs are the perfect lapdog. They are shy when it comes to strangers, but extremely loyal and affectionate when it comes to their family members. Their gentle and playful nature makes them great for households with children. Pugs typically do well with other pets, also. They can be stubborn if they feel they are being forced when it comes to training, despite their willingness to please. That is why reward based training is best with them.


These little guys can easily become overweight, that is why a diet with limited calories is suggested. These dogs don’t need vigorous exercise, a quick game or short walk will suffice. Swimming is not suggest for this breed because of their tendency to sink. This breed overheats very easily in hot weather, so be sure to keep a extra eye on them for heat stroke. This breed can also have breathing issues due to their flat faces. Another down fall of the flat face is that their eyes are more exposed. They are at increased risk for dry eye and ulcers.


For such a small dog, they sure do shed a lot. Their short, smooth fur only needs to be brushed once a week, though. This breeds needs special care with the skin on their face. Regular cleaning and drying of the skin folds on the face is necessary in order to prevent skin infections. 

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