Jul 19 2018

Breed Spotlight: English Bulldog | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Today, we are introducing the English bulldog. Our first furry friend in this series from the west! Once you read about this breed’s history, we think that you will find this little pup a lot tougher then you would have ever imagined. 


This little dog was actually used in a sport that the English loved: bull baiting. That’s right. The dog would go head to head with a bull to taunt it, until the men decided they wanted to kill it. The signature protruding jaw of the bulldog was bred into them so they could breath while holding on to the bull.  That was until 1835 when bull baiting was outlawed. However, this didn’t stop them from being used in fighting rings. However, without an official job, the bulldog began to be bred as a companion dog. Temperament and defining the short snout become priority with breeding. The breed was officially recognized in 1886 by the AKC. Today, the bulldog is a national symbol and a popular mascot in England. It even has an association with the famous English prime minister, Winston Churchill

General Personality

Their childish and loyal personality make them great with children. They are good with strangers, however they are wary of strange dogs. They get along well with other pets. They can be stubborn when it comes with to training, so it is best not to use forceful methods when it comes to training. They are overall trustworthy and playful dogs that would make a great addition to any home. 


Because of their short snout, English bulldogs tend to have breathing issues. They are at an increased risk of overheating, which is partially due to the short snout as well. So make sure to keep an extra eye on them when out in the heat and watch for signs of heat stroke. This breed doesn’t do very well against the cold either, due to its short coat. Make sure you keep them indoors as much as possible in the cold and heat.

This breed also is prone to being over weight. Make sure to feed them a healthy and balanced diet. If you or your veterinarian notice that your bulldog is overweight, a restricted calorie diet might be in order. As for exercise, a short leisurely walk or a game will do the trick.

The folds in the faces should be checked regularly. Bacteria can build up easily and cause irritation or infection.


Bulldogs have short, fine fur. Their coat only needs to be brushed every once in a while to get the dead fur off. Other then that, not much grooming needed. Their shedding is average. Make sure the face folds and any wrinkles around the tail or examined, cleaned, and dried daily

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