• Daisy and Dottie

    Jan 20 2014

    Dottie (9/11/1996~3/10/2008) was a wonderful dalmatian. Her Pet-Parent, Darlene, loved her so much, Dottie is now with her wherever she goes with this tattoo.   There ┬áis another dog in…

  • Cute Chloe’s Recovery

    Jan 15 2014

    Today we got a visit from Chloe. This cat had over 70 staples removed as she recovers from having multiple mammary tumors removed. She is doing well. Chloe is ten…

  • A New Year’s Resolution: Pet Weight Loss

    Jan 14 2014

    Weight loss is one of the most common goals people make during the new year. Perhaps it’s being bombarded by media saturated with celebrities photo-shopped thin and flawless that makes…

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    WAH Comics 01: Curiosity

    Jan 07 2014

  • New Year’s Eve

    Dec 31 2013

    Butters is counting down to 2014! Have a happy, safe, and wonderful new year, everyone!

  • Winter Pet Safety Tips

    Dec 23 2013

    Winter Pet Safety Tips

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    Holiday Hounds

    Dec 19 2013

    Bacon Ham, (above) a handsome deaf dog rescued by one of our Winslow Animal Hospital technicians from Cumberland County SPCA MaSita (above) dressed up for her holiday visit. Santa’s little…

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    Pet Photos with Santa 2013 video

    Dec 13 2013

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    Photos with Santa Raffle Winners

    Dec 13 2013

    Here are a few winners from Winslow Animal Hospital’s Photos with Santa Day Raffle. A BIG THANK YOU to all for participating in the raffle. The proceeds raised money for…

  • Maggie’s Success with Regular Teeth Brushing

    Dec 12 2013

    Miss Maggie’s Beautiful Teeth Maggie’s pet-parent has been brushing her teeth since she was a puppy: it paid off!  Maggie has beautiful, healthy teeth at 9 years of age as…