• Dr. Coudrai to Judge Science Fair

    Mar 11 2014

    Dr. Coudrai¬†was a celebrity judge! Ok, so “celebrity” might be an overzealous word. But Dr. Coudrai was a judge for the science fair at St. Mary’s School on Wednesday! Community¬†is…

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    Mar 10 2014

    The weather is finally breaking from its wintery chill. Tomorrow is even going up into the 60’s Fahrenheit! While all the cold for the season may not be over and…

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    Nala’s Last Aquatic Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Mar 10 2014

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    Butters and Margie in Love (Baskets)

    Mar 06 2014

      Butters and Margie really brighten our halls. Winslow Animal Hospital wouldn’t be the same without them!  

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    Furry-Friends and Pet-Parents

    Mar 05 2014

      At Winslow Animal Hospital, we love our “Furry-Friends!” We strive to treat each and every dog and cat as if they were our own, and we love to show…

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    If Pets Had Thumbs Day

    Mar 03 2014

    There are some weird special days out there, but today has got to be the most obscure – If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Other holidays may have all kinds of…

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    Professional Pet Sitters Week

    Mar 02 2014

    March 2nd-8th marks Professional Pet Sitters Week. This week is a time to acknowledge the hard-working individuals who care for companion animals when their owners are away, and to raise…

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    Feb 26 2014

    Goliath was a dear friend. He recently passed away at 12 years old. Most Great Danes have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, making Goliath a mature senior pet.…

  • President’s Day

    Feb 17 2014

    Happy President’s Day, everyone! We thought we’d celebrate with some presidential pet fun facts! Over 200 animals have made their home at the White House George Washington named his dogs…

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    Valentine Safety Tips

    Feb 14 2014