• Butters, from a Pet-Parent

    Apr 11 2014

    A pet-parent shared this photo of Butters saying hello to their cat in the waiting area earlier this week. Thank you for sharing!   We’d love to get more pictures…

  • Blueberry

    Apr 11 2014

    Beautiful Blueberry came in a little over a week ago for a wellness veterinary exam. This lovely girl has been with Winslow Animal Hospital for four and a half years!…

  • A Special Thank You

    Apr 10 2014

  • Image description

    A Thankful Gift

    Apr 02 2014


  • Max Receives Laser Therapy After Orthopedic Surgery | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

    Apr 01 2014

    Have you ever wondered what laser therapy might be like? At Winslow Animal Hospital, we use laser and other methods from our rehabilitation center to help your pet recover quickly from…

  • Spring 2014 Newsletter

    Apr 01 2014

    Click to read our Spring 2014 Newsletter

  • Dr. Philippe Coudrai Performs Surgery on ACL

    Mar 25 2014

      Max just had ACL repair surgery at Winslow Animal Hospital. Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries are a somewhat common problem. One of the ways you can protect your pets is…

  • Pet Poison Prevention Week

    Mar 17 2014

    Poison Prevention Week is a campaign that is over  50 years old. Every year, we are urged to take notice of the chemicals in our lives that are dangerous. Pets…

  • Dr. Coudrai to Judge Science Fair

    Mar 11 2014

    Dr. Coudrai was a celebrity judge! Ok, so “celebrity” might be an overzealous word. But Dr. Coudrai was a judge for the science fair at St. Mary’s School on Wednesday! Community is…

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    Mar 10 2014

    The weather is finally breaking from its wintery chill. Tomorrow is even going up into the 60’s Fahrenheit! While all the cold for the season may not be over and…