• Tucker Poses with Dad

    Aug 28 2014

    Tucker poses with his dad in rehab after his session. Tucker is super friendly and is well-loved by the Winslow Animal Hospital staff!

  • Deco’s Cuterebra Removal

    Aug 28 2014

    We often warn pet owners about intestinal parasites. These nasty creatures feed on pets, or even people, from the inside. These are fairly common, so we recommend regular screenings. However,…

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    Amy & Diamond

    Aug 27 2014

    Amy is one of our credentialed Veterinary Technicians. She loved holding this adorable puppy, Diamond! Amy most often works in our Rehabilitation Center along with Linda Franzini, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. If you’re…

  • Abby the Dog in the Aquatic Treadmill at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Aug 26 2014

  • Sally

    Aug 22 2014

    Sally brought a happy little human with her to Winslow Animal Hospital. Sally is a sweet, friendly dog whom our staff just love. See you next time, Sally!

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    Tucker Frog

    Aug 20 2014

    Here’s a photo fresh from rehab! Tucker looks so cute in his frog towel!

  • Minnie

    Aug 19 2014

    What’s not to love about a new puppy? We were excited to see this cute puppy, Minnie, at Winslow Animal Hospital and could not wait to get a picture!

  • Molly May

    Aug 19 2014

    This sweet dog was here today to see veterinarian Dr. Levie! We can’t wait for your next visit to Winslow Animal Hospital, Molly May!

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    Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

    Aug 18 2014

    It’s time to take your cat to the vet! August 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. Vet visits aren’t just for updating vaccines. A healthy cat should…

  • Intestinal Parasites

    Aug 13 2014

    What are intestinal parasites? Intestinal parasites are small organisms that live in the intestines of their host. There, they consume nutrients and grow, preventing the host from absorbing their needed…