• Hi, Carl!

    Sep 16 2014

    Carl is at Winslow Animal Hosptial in Sicklerville, NJ for Aquatic Therapy! Walking on the underwater treadmill helps with his knee problems. The water takes pressure off joints and allows pets to…

  • Ginger’s Physical Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 14 2014

    Ginger works on knee problems at Winslow Animal Hospital’s Center for Pain Management and Rehabilitation. The benefits of Physical Therapy include: Quicker recovery and return to full function after injury and…

  • Continuing Education at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 12 2014

    Education is a core value for us at Winslow Animal Hospital. Continual learning is essential for the best quality care for pets. Often this value is applied to educating you,…

  • Abbie the Dalmatian

    Sep 12 2014

    Abbie is a gorgeous dog with two different colored eyes! This is called heterochromia and can be found in other species, including humans. Abbie uses the aquatic treadmill at Winslow…

  • Diamond in Aquatic Therapy

    Sep 11 2014

    Say hello to Diamond!   Diamond is in Aquatic Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital in Sicklerville, NJ for a knee problem. Aquatic therapy helps to exercise muscles and move joints…

  • Melissa

    Sep 09 2014

    This cute pup, Melissa, came to Winslow Animal Hospital for a visit! Her proud Pet-Parents pose with her!

  • Dr. Jen Chachkes on Maternity Leave

    Sep 05 2014

    Dr. Jen Chachkes is currently on maternity leave.   She and her husband Todd are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child.  The new addition is due mid September.  We will be…

  • Abby’s Aquatic Therapy

    Sep 04 2014

  • Jay’s First Puppy Visit!

    Sep 04 2014

    This incredibly cute puppy is Jay! This is his first experience with Winslow Animal Hospital. Veterinary Technician Laura carefully trimmed his nails. We can’t wait to see you again, Jay!

  • Dr. Coudrai Needs His Coffee

    Sep 03 2014

    A few months ago, Dr. Philippe Coudrai’s hand was accidentally injured. Dr. Coudrai received surgery to repair the damage to his hand and restore it to health. For a little while,…