• National Take-Back Initiative

    Sep 25 2014

    Prescription and over-the-counter drugs have become a part of everyday life for most Americans. We have cabinets lined with medications, some of which we no longer need but don’t quite…

  • Krimpet in Aquatic Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 23 2014

    Keep those legs moving, Krimpet! The aquatic therapy will help improve your mobility and give you exercise without putting pressure on the joints.

  • Thor’s Splint Change at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 23 2014

    Thor had so much fun at Winslow Animal Hospital yesterday! He came in for a splint change on his leg. He loved the rug and carried it like a blankie,…

  • Mya in Aquatic Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 22 2014

    Mya is another beautiful dog who comes to Winslow Animal Hospital for knee problems. Here you can see Mya enjoying our aquatic treadmill in rehab. The tank fills with water…

  • Nato

    Sep 20 2014

    Nato seems to look right at you in this picture. This dog is one of many who receive aquatic therapy and Rehabilitation at Winslow Animal Hospital. Nato benefits from the exercise…

  • Hoover in Aquatic Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 19 2014

    Hoover really gets moving in the Aquatic Treadmill at Winslow Animal Hospital! The Center for Rehabilitation and Pain Management at Winslow Animal Hospital does excellent work to help patients with joint…

  • Happy Birthday, Dr. Coudrai!

    Sep 19 2014

    Today is Dr. Coudrai’s birthday!   Dr. Philippe Coudrai is a gifted veterinarian and surgeon as well as our Medical Director. He has performed thousands of orthopedic surgery procedures in addition to…

  • Frankie in Physical Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 17 2014

    Frankie has Aquatic Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital. Like many dogs, he has knee problems that require therapy. The Aquatic Treadmill allows him to exercise it without putting pressure on…

  • Hi, Carl!

    Sep 16 2014

    Carl is at Winslow Animal Hosptial in Sicklerville, NJ for Aquatic Therapy! Walking on the underwater treadmill helps with his knee problems. The water takes pressure off joints and allows pets to…

  • Ginger’s Physical Therapy at Winslow Animal Hospital

    Sep 14 2014

    Ginger works on knee problems at Winslow Animal Hospital’s Center for Pain Management and Rehabilitation. The benefits of Physical Therapy include: Quicker recovery and return to full function after injury and…