Dec 19 2015

Bladder Stone Removal | Winslow Animal Hospital Dog & Cat

Dr. Philippe Coudrai removed many bladder stones from this dog earlier this month. Bladder stones form from minerals dissolved in urine that precipitate out. Over time, more and more precipitated minerals collect on the surface of the stone and it grows. Some of the factors that may contribute to the risk of urinary stones are the pH of the urine (whether acidic or basic), the concentration of the dissolved minerals due to diet, how much water the pet drinks, any present bacterial infections, and possibly even the genetics of the dog.

These bladder stones are relatively small compared to bladder stones Dr. Coudrai has removed from a dog in the past, and may have been formed over the process of a long time. In cases such as this, the stones can go a long time without causing any symptoms, simply resting within the bladder. If one of the stones passes into the urethra and becomes stuck, it can cause an incredibly dangerous blockage. When that happens, the pet will have difficulty passing urine, experience pain, and may have blood in the urine. With surgery from Dr. Coudrai, this dog will be playing again in no time!

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